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About us

Passed on from 4 generations, jewellery making is an art we have inherited.

From the same name people have trusted comes a revolutionary story. 

"An ode to the modern woman"

Make your everyday into a unique statement

You are our inspiration, for everything here revolves around you

Designs befitting your limitless spirit

Our journey began with a quest to answer a question

What 'more' can be done to express and reflect the pure essence of a woman's love ?

What we discovered is a great treasure, in another era it would be beyond belief. A true reflection of that essence- a diamond that is brighter, bigger and purer than anything we had come across.


Trusted craftsmanship since 1992

We have endured the test of time for almost 30 years, creating masterpieces for future generations.

Evermore is a new lab grown diamond jewellery line by Siroya Jewellers of Dubai, a name you can trust since 40 years and Worldwide presence in over 33 countries.

As regions first vertically integrated company, every diamond you see is grown, cut, and set in our factories from start to finish.


The Power of Choice

Our Lab Grown Diamonds are real, always yours never ‘mined’. Not only identical, our Type 2 diamonds are superior. Like the famous Kohinoor and the Millenium star, only 2% of the world’s diamonds are this pure.

All of this and MORE is available to you at a much better value than our mined counterparts.


Responsible luxury

Low carbon footprint, No mining Every carat of our stones helps foster a better world minimising harmful consequences related to diamond mining.

Sustainably created for you and the planet. MORE than just luxury.

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